Menu " Sfizi Di Mare"

The restaurant Sfizi Di Mare offers varied types of menu. In the excellent atmosphere of our attractive restaurant (all air-conditioned) with a open terrace, you will be able to taste variety of the freshest seafood with a distinctly mediterranean flavor.
The restaurant along with the food are sure to please.

You can start with entree that contain for example of our special "antipasto Sfizi di Mare" composed of 10 courses. While for everybody that likes raw fish we propose our raw foods like oysters, langoustine, prawns and catch of the day.

For first course it would be perfect to try demanding plates like the saccottini of ricotta and spinach with cream of langoustines, tagliolini with lobster, fettuccine Mediterranean, and more and more of our specialties.

An immense choice of seconds waits; do not miss our tuna, or our roast special, or if you are in a mood to have just a classic fried seafood arriving fresh every day.

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